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"Subaru of New England, Inc. operates in an arena with established state and national trade associations. As helpful as those industry organizations can be, they represent many competing businesses with different priorities. As General Counsel, I felt SNE needed individualized representation on Beacon Hill. The Suffolk Group has ensured that its perspective was heard. Due to The Suffolk Groups efforts over the years, SNE has had a legislative impact that is positive for both it and the larger community."

Kathleen M. Genova, Esq.
Vice President & General Counsel
Subaru of New England, Inc.




Subaru of New England

The Massachusetts Legislature proposed comprehensive legislation seeking to reduce and control the use of mercury products in the Commonwealth. Included in the bill were specific provisions related to automobile manufacturers, such as a prohibition on the sale of new motor vehicles with mercury-added vehicle switches and a requirement that manufacturers bear the cost of removing mercury-added switches from automobiles. Subaru of New England, a local automobile distributor for Subaru of America (SofA), was included within the bills definition of manufacturer, and as such would be faced with onerous burdens, even though SofA is the actual manufacturer.

The Suffolk Group devised a lobbying strategy of amending the proposed legislation during House and Senate debate to exempt distributors from the definition of automobile manufacturer. In addition to drafting the amendment language, a message was developed based upon the fact that a distributor was never intended to be treated the same as an international auto manufacturer. Relying upon the fact that SNE is the only distributor in Massachusetts, as well as its status as a significant contributor to the states economy, we were successful in obtaining the critical support of the House and Senate Chairmen of the Natural Resources Committee, as well as the House Speaker and Senate President.

Through the Suffolk Groups lobbying efforts, Subaru of New England was ultimately exempted by the Legislature from the bills definition of automobile manufacturer, thereby excluding it from the costly and difficult burdens placed upon such manufacturers.