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"As someone who was there from the very beginning of The Suffolk Group, I know that from the outset they set the correct path for their company and their clients by offering attention to details, well thought out strategy and most importantly follow through on that strategy to get the job done. It was never about how much time was being spent, it was about accomplishing the Companys objectives. For that I will always be grateful."

Karen Alvarado
Assistance Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
Pacific Life Insurance Company




Pacific Life Insurance Company

Founded in 1868, Pacific Life is one of the nations oldest and largest insurers, but with home offices on the West Coast they often felt like the visiting team when dealing with New Englands insurance regulators. As a Company known for its history of innovation, the resulting delays in new product availability slowed growth and left the Company at a distinct competitive disadvantage.

Pacific Life retained The Suffolk Group to improve the Companys working relationship within regulatory agencies while providing a local presence to explain product filings and serve as its voice with government officials. In order to overcome the feeling of distance between regulators and the Company, an effort was made to ensure that communications were more personal. Regulatory submissions were hand-delivered. When meetings were scheduled, personnel from Pacific Life were included by video conference. At industry conferences sponsored by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, face-to-face introductions were arranged.

Pacific Life and The Suffolk Group soon became synonymous to regulators. Policy reviews were expedited because Division of Insurance staff knew that they would receive necessary information quickly and completely. Due to their increased visibility, Pacific Life developed long-term relationships and solidified their reputation as a national leader in the industry