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As one of the largest public safety unions in New England, the Massachusetts Corrections Officers Federated Union (MCOFU) relies heavily upon The Suffolk Group to lead our 4800 members through a broad range of government relations concerns. During the last year alone, we have avoided layoffs during difficult budgetary times, defeated a hostile takeover attempt by a management union, initiated one of the Commonwealths largest political action committees, and directed a public relations campaign to inform the media and preserve our reputation. Through their relentless energy and commitment, obvious political skill, and high-level networking abilities, The Suffolk Group has fought for quick victories while ensuring that we are well-positioned for the long-term.

Joseph Guarino
MCOFU Legislative Representative




Massachusetts Correction Officers Federated Union

When media attention poses a risk to a clients reputation and their public affairs objectives, The Suffolk Group implements a communications strategy to protect their standing. Members of MCOFU, the largest independent public safety union in New England, turned to The Suffolk Group when faced with a media frenzy due to a fatal incident. The firm worked in cooperation with carefully selected pr professionals and legal counsel to conduct media training, develop a proper message, prepare statements and press releases, and initiate extensive government outreach. As a result, the crisis was overcome without an adverse impact to MCOFUs legislative agenda and with the reputation of their members preserved.