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Government Contracts
Some Highlights...
  • Convinced public safety officials to disregard their preferred vendor and opt for a competitor delivering local support read more
  • Led government sales campaign on behalf of medical device manufacturer resulting in a 600% increase in sales
  • Secured key contract on behalf of the worlds third largest biotechnology company
  • Obtained designation as City of Bostons preferred vendor on behalf of national playground equipment manufacturer, leading to a dramatic increase in sales





Because federal and state governments are the largest buyers of goods and services in the world, government contract procurement has become increasingly competitive. The Suffolk Group supports its clients sales teams in overcoming the complexities of the procurement process while developing an identity as valued partners with government agencies and officials.

Through its in-depth knowledge of the procedures utilized by government agencies to evaluate and select vendors, The Suffolk Groups contract procurement group provides the following services:

  • Procurement Analysis

  • Contract Leads and Bid Assistance

  • Preferred Vendor Selection and Contract Blanket Registration

  • Agency Introductions and Sales Team Support

  • Strategic Planning and Project Oriented Consulting