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The Suffolk Group is one of the most effective lobbying firms we have utilized in the U.S. Their personal commitment, contacts and level of detail is unmatched. They literally worked around the clock until the job was completed to our level of satisfaction!

Deborah Hanson
Director of External Affairs
First Alert




First Alert

As a leader in the manufacture of home safety equipment, First Alert is deeply committed to the passage of strong safety standards throughout the country. Unfortunately, efforts to require carbon monoxide detectors in residential buildings have often been successfully opposed or diluted. In Massachusetts, proposed legislation quickly became bogged down over concerns raised by property owners and housing authorities, installers, and competitors lacking leading edge technology.

On behalf of First Alert, The Suffolk Group organized a coalition of supporters including fire safety officials, key legislators, home inspectors, and responsible manufacturers. The coalition first developed unanimity regarding allowable types of detectors, installation codes, and alarm standards. The Suffolk Group then drafted amendments to the legislation and lobbied political leaders for fast action.

Massachusetts became one of the first states in the nation to adopt comprehensive carbon monoxide requirements. Since passage, First Alert has worked with coalition members in several other states using Massachusetts law and lobbying strategy as a model.