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As a large health care company providing emergency services in 36 states, government relations efforts are crucial to AMRs success. The Suffolk Group values our reputation, understands our issues, and provides local knowledge within a national perspective. Our seven year relationship speaks to AMRs trust in them.

Fred DellaValle
Vice President, East Region Government Relations
American Medical Response




American Medical Response

American Medical Response, the nations leading emergency medical services provider, faced an increasingly difficult business environment in Massachusetts. Because of reduced reimbursement rates, AMR incurred millions of dollars of un-recoverable debt due to transporting uninsured patients to area hospitals.

The Suffolk Group, recognizing a bipartisan climate to pass comprehensive universal health care coverage, found an opportunity to rectify the inequitable reimbursement environment. Working with members of the Health Care Financing and Ways and Means Committees, The Suffolk Group educated legislators about federal reductions in reimbursement rates and the key role of emergency medical services in the health care delivery system.

With passage of its landmark Health Care Reform Law, Massachusetts became the first state to require universal health care for its residents. Thanks to the Suffolk Groups work on behalf of AMR, the final bill included language mandating reimbursement for emergency care. This provision is worth millions of dollars to the emergency medical services industry and stabilizes the future of American Medical Response in Massachusetts moving forward.